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"Carrie does a darned good razor cut.  I went in telling her I wanted a movie star hair cut and that's what I wife actually cried over my hair cut...but in a GOOD way!  She was happy and thought it looked better than it ever has."                   -Yelp Reviewer

" Carrie did it again. This is my second time seeing her and gave her creative freedom over my hair. I've gotten so many compliments from all types of people. She is a must see if you're seeking a new hairstylist who knows what she's doing."                     -Yelp Reviewer

"Wow. I am truly impressed with the hair cutting skills that Carrie displayed. She sculpted my mullet into some fun and fashionable without batting an eye while providing good conversation."

- Yelp Reviewer

"Carrie really knew what she was doing (wore a barber fanny pack) and gave me directions on how to produce the same look.  The haircut comes with scalp massage(awesome) that really adds to the experience."           -Yelp Reviewer

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